I was never a big fan of Six Sigma - Tom Devenport

In his recent article "Why Six Sigma Is on the Downslope" Tom Devenport said, "I was never a big fan of Six Sigma". Here is the Article which I Like you to read :
I was never a big fan of Six Sigma. As approaches to business process improvement and management go, it always had some glaring shortcomings. First, there was all the statistical mumbo-jumbo it implied -- but seldom delivered on in most companies’ implementations. Second, it didn’t incorporate information technology -- arguably the most powerful force available for improving (or screwing up) processes -- in any way. Third, it was overly elitist. Instead of relying on Six Sigma expert “black belts” do the process analysis and design, every employee should be a process improver, as I argued last week. Fourth, it really only enabled incremental improvement, not radical breakthroughs. Fifth and last, it wasn’t a good fit for innovation-oriented work. Even Jack Welch now admits that it shouldn’t be used everywhere in a company, but I might argue that it should only be used in product manufacturing, where the idea of reducing defects to one in six standard deviations really makes sense.
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