Why Six Sigma ?

Producing skills for the economy
Financial Express - Bombay,India
Six Sigma is one of the tools, which reduces the variation in our processes and bring consistency in the results. Six Sigma training has benefited the auto ...
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2.1 Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare: Selecting the Solution Roadmap
By Dr. Healthcare
Healthcare industry is at the beginning stages of Six Sigma deployment. The rising cost of care, the high level of quality issues, and shortage of access is demanding fundamental change in the healthcare industry. While the Six Sigma ...
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"If you didn't do it in Six Sigma, then it didn't happen."
By Mark Graban(Mark Graban)
She told me I should've turned these into Six Sigma projects. I explained that it made more sense to me to quickly make the fixes so we could start reaping the benefits right away. Her retort was, "If you didn't do it in Six Sigma, ...
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Articles: Lean Six Sigma Truths, Issues, and Going Beyond
By Forrest Breyfogle
Six Sigma was invented by Motorola in the 1980s as a defect reduction methodology. GE in the mid 1990’s aligned Six Sigma work to identified projects that were to have financial benefit. Lean Six Sigma now integrates Lean waste ...
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Researching Six Sigma
By admin
I’ve been bugging management lately about six sigma. I think our company would benefit greatly from six sigma - we’ve suffered from serious efficiency issues lately. From what I’ve seen, Six Sigma Methodology looks like it might be just ...
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Watts Water Technologies, Inc. a world leader in valve technology and water control products has an immediate opportunity at our corporate headquarters located in North Andover, MA for a Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. ...
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