Why Six Sigma ?

Axiom Electronics Announces Dr. Keya Bhattacharyya, Six Sigma Manager
eReleases (press release) - Perry Hall,MD,USA
“Having Keya join our team and manage our Six Sigma efforts helps us continue on our Lean journey,” says Dolly Blanda, vice president of operations at Axiom ...
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Axiom Electronics announces Dr. Keya Bhattacharyya, Six Sigma Manager
EMSNow (press release) - Stetchworth,England,UK
Axiom Electronics LLC announced that Dr. Keya Bhattacharyya has joined the company in the newly created position of Six Sigma Manager. ...
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Driving higher performance in your warehouse
Industrial Distribution - Waltham,MA,USA
By Bruce Ennis -- Industrial Distribution, 10/2/2008 9:44:00 AM A Lean Six Sigma Black Belt was assigned the task of improving warehouse performance for a ...
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Local units adopt new business program
U.S. Marine Corps Bases Japan - Okinawa-ken,Okinawa,Japan
Lean Six Sigma is a program which eliminates waste and ensures all process steps are necessary and eliminates rework by controlling process and quality. ...
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Six Sigma Projects and Project Portfolio Management
By sixsigma5
Six Sigma projects are strategy-driven, in the same way that the portfolio is driven by organizational strategy. So, how do the business drivers that are at work result in some projects being Six Sigma projects, and others not? ...
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Project Portfolio Management and Six Sigma Projects
By admin
Six Sigma projects are derived from organizational strategy, in the same way that organizational strategy drives the selection of all projects and programs in an organization’s Portfolio. So, how do the business drivers that are at work ...
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Will Six Sigma Help in Retail?
By Forrest Breyfogle
The question was asked: Will the six sigma concept fit in retail and how? Six Sigma and Lean tools are both applicable to retail. However, this applicability does not make a Six Sigma or Lean Six Sigma deployment successful in retail or ...
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Lean Six Sigma Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Responsibilities include leading Lean Six Sigma transformations, designing and implementing continuous improvement initiatives, measuring process improvements, developing best practices, establishing visual ...
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Join the Six Sigma User Group -- Meeting coming up on 10/9
By Betty Hakes(Betty Hakes)
Please join us Thursday, October 9 in Mason for the Cincinnati Six Sigma User Group. Once again we’re bringing together Cincinnati area Six Sigma Professionals to share ideas, tips and techniques for an informative networking experience ...
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