Why Six Sigma ?

The Logic of 'Leading Through The Line'
ReportonBusiness.com - Canada
Many programs focus on "the hard stuff" (such as applying lean or Six Sigma tools to redesign processes), which is not sufficient. ...
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Lean Six Sigma in Healthcare: Understanding the Big Picture (SIPOC)
By Dr. Healthcare
The Six Sigma method in healthcare recommends that once the project has been signed off by the management for launch, the lead creates a 5000 feet understanding of the project. In fact, it is recommended by most of the change management ...
Healthcare Transformation - http://blogs.biproinc.com/healthcare

4 Hour Workweek versus Working Your Face Off
By Ron Pereira
gary.jpg With all the news of our struggling economy (in America) and massive bail outs I couldn't help but think of two people – Tim Ferris, author of The Four Hour Workweek and Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV fame. ...
Lean Six Sigma Academy - http://lssacademy.com

What is Six Sigma?
By Kanishk | कनिष्क(Kanishk | कनिष्क)
What is Six Sigma? This question has been posed to me several times from different people. Everytime, I try to answer the question, depending on the person's professional background & awareness with business processes. ...
Quality & Process Blog - http://qualityandprocess.blogspot.com/

High Executive Pay, Art of Deception and a 21st Century Governance ...
By Forrest Breyfogle
There has been much discussion about our current financial problems, but no focus seems to be given to the formulation of an alternative generic governance business system, which would deter the creation of policies and practices that ...
Going Beyond Lean Six Sigma and... - http://www.smartersolutions.com/blog/forrestbreyfogle

What Traders Can Learn From the World's Most Successful Companies
By Alsabell(Alsabell)
Some very large and famous corporations have employed a management philosophy known as Six Sigma. Six Sigma is a philosophy of perfection, or a striving for a lack of defects. It is about process performance, the steps being "Define ...
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