Why Six Sigma ?

Auto suppliers scoop £37m in business through Six Sigma
Birmingham Post - Birmingham,West Midlands,UK
“By embracing the culture of Six Sigma, the eight companies will be able to continually improve productivity and reduce costs – two assets that are ...
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4th Annual Lean Six Sigma & Process Improvement Summit
World Trade - USA
With business in Europe under pressure to make increasing cost savings and at the same time drive optimum customer value, Lean Six Sigma is even more ...
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Six Sigma Practice Vs Total Characteristic Management
By admin
The difference between Six Sigma Practice and TQM is best described in a word - ‘management’. TQM provides broad guidelines for management. TQM is often related to the development and deployment and maintenance ...
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BPM, SOA, and Six Sigma
By Bobby Woolf
This paper looks pretty interesting: "Aligning Business Process Management, Service-Oriented Architecture, and Lean Six Sigma for Real Business Results." Technorati Tags: ibm, service-oriented architecture, business process management, ...
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Lean versus Six Sigma Whats the Controversy What the Difference
Many professionals ask "What is Lean", some ask "What is Six Sigma", and of course still others ask "What is Lean Six Sigma" As it turns out, these approaches address similar problem sets but attack them differently Here is a look at ...
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Lean Six Sigma Certification - Healthcare
Hello,  I am an adminisrtator in a 450 bed hospital in Connecticutt and would like to receive my green/black belt certification in Lean Six Sigma with a focus in Healthcare.  I would like to attend the training in person ...
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Lean versus Six Sigma: What's the Difference? What's the Controversy?
some ask "What is Six Sigma?", and of course still others ask "What is Lean Six Sigma?" As it turns out, these approaches address similar problem sets but attack them differently. Here is a look at what they are, the difference, ...
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